his is the theatrical version with Hiroaki Sakurai who has been the director for "Di Gi Charat" as well as being known for his work on many other television animations. The script is by Katsumi Hasegawa and the base planning by Hiroshi Yamaguchi, both members continuing to work from the television series. The original story was written for the Film and is filled with actions and gags. The animation production is by Production I.G of "Ghost in the Shell". It was shown in theatres together with the Revolutionary Girl Utena's theatrical version subtitled "The Revelations of Adolescence".
  It had been half year since Hibari and others fought. A big change was occurring at Akihabara
again. A big crack was starting to form in a radius of 500 meters, centering on Hibari's Akihabara Daisan Junior High School.The traffic is stopped and evacuation orders are given out for the surrounding area. The police department, which is conducting an investigation claims the cause is the space fortress called "Primum Mobile", the castle of the white prince's abode. The fortress is sending gravity waves on the entire area centering on the Akihabara Daisan Junior High to make Akihabara float into space. Japanese
government is warned and tries to attack Primum Mobile with the help of military satellites from different nations. But the government is unable to make a scratch on it and loses sight of it in the bargain.
  While "the Prince of the White" Crane is asleep, what steers the Primum Mobile is the artificial intelligence, an automatic control computer Abigor. The only things that can resolve the situation are the cyber team members who can get in contact with Crane's heart while he is asleep. So starts the summer vacation of the year 2011.

Main Staff
Planning, Original Story : KA-NON
Director : Hiroaki Sakurai
Script : Katsumi Hasegawa
Base Planning, Cooperation of Script : Hiroshi Yamaguchi
SF Place Setting : Mitsuyasu Sakai
Visual Director, Original Character Plans : Tsukasa Kotobuki
Character Design, : Yoshinobu Yamakawa
Animation Production : Production I.G
Production Cooperation : GANSIS
Production : Akihabara Dennou Gumi Committee
Representing company : King Record. Co., Ltd.