he director is Yoshitaka Fujimoto of "All Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku". The base planning is by Hiroshi Yamaguchi and character design by Seiji Kishimoto, both the staff members of "Nuku Nuku". The visual director is Tukasa Kotobuki of "Saber Marionette J". The picture quality for the video and DVD versions has been refined after the TV broadcast.
  The time is the year 2010 and the location, Akihabara. This story begins in the morning of the junior high entrance ceremony for Hibari Hanakoganei. Hibari, always dreaming of her prince and of falling in love, has one thing she really wants now and that is Pata-Pi. Pata-Pi is an electronic brained pet that is customized and grows according to how you raise him, a thing really popular among the girls at school now. Hibari is playing the crane game with Suzume,
when a mysterious old man starts talking to her. The old man tells her that Hibari's prince is waiting for her on the hill near by. She starts running for the hill after hearing this great news. But when she gets there, there is no one to be seen up on the hill. She is very disappointed but then fluffy feathers start to fall around her. Countless number of feathers and a dazzling light surrounds the area and eventually a small ball of light hovers near Hibari. It settles in the palm of her hand and when she opens her hand she sees it is Pata-Pi. Believing it must have been a present for her from the Prince, she names it "Densuke".
  When she takes Pata-Pi to school, the teachers temporally take it away from her. And all sorts of things happen to her, like she thinks she sees someone who looks exactly like the prince.
On her way home from school that day, suddenly a beautiful woman appears but she tries to take Pata-Pi from away her, calling on a monstrous dog like creature to get it from her. Hibari tries to protect Densuke and when she sheds a teardrop, suddenly Densuke starts to emit rays of light. From that light, a woman in a shiny protector appears looking exactly like how Hibari might look when she grows up.....

Main Staff
Planning, Original Story : KA-NON
Base Planning : Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Script : Katsumi Hasegawa
Animation Production : TBS , Ashi Production
Director : Yoshitaka Fujimoto

Representing company : TBS