here is this invincible guy and you don't want to get him mad because he could be very dangerous. His name is Hareluya Hibino. He is tough as nails in fights and the film is lively protrayed and has a feel of refreshing satisfaction when he beats the bad guys. And he is not just muscle; he has a comical side as well. But what does he gain from all this fighting...?
  The original story is taken from the popular comics written by Haruto Umezawa. The characters are lively and fun and have a big appeal to the readers. These comics were popular among the female readers as well as with the male. The director is Kiyoshi Egami who directed "City Hunter '91" and "Mobile Suite SD Gundam: The Sunrise of Babel". The series development is by Yasuhiro Imagawa of "Giant Robo" and "Mobile
Fighter G Gundam". The work has a crisp feel, characteristics to animations and a great tempo throughout and they've made a great film out of it.
  Seishiro Okamaoto is in the first year of the private Rakuen High School. There is a reason that he was doing part time work despite the school rule against it. He has a dream of studying art in France and becoming a painter. But hoodlums find out that he is doing part time work and they go after his savings. It is Hareluya Hibino who saves the day! He takes out his frying pan from the knapsack on his back and beats the hoodlums with it. Hareluya claims he is in the same class as Seishiro but his face doesn't seem familiar. It's because he's been suspended right from the start of school for getting in a fight with one of the senior students.
  He fights really well but
he isn't just a bully. He gets mad only when he finds someone with a bigger attitude than himself or some bad guys attack his friends. His dream is "world conquest". Around Hareluya who has this dream, other unique guys with their own dreams start to get together. Seishiro who wants to become a painter, Makoto Ichijou who wants to bet his life on rock n' roll, Michiru Yamana who dreams of being a jewelry designer... they forge priceless friendships. Hareluya keeps his frying pan handy to protect his own dream and the dreams of his friends.

Main Staff
Original Story : Haruto Umezawa
Script : Yasuhiro Imakawa
Character Design : Takahiro Kishida
Animation Production : Triangle Staff
Director : Kiyoshi Egami
Representing company : movic