owerful team of staff had gathered for the creation of this OVA, Character Design by Masaki Kajishima of "Tenchi Muyo!", Koji Masunari Kuroda as scriptwriter. Yousuke Kuroda is a popular scriptwriter who has worked on many scripts and series supervision including "Tenchi Muyo!", "Infinite Ryvius", and "Battle Athletes Victory". Kuroda has established a fine reputation for the dynamic enfoldments of his stories.
  A boy named Photon who lives on the sandy planet comes to the desert. He has come to bring back his childhood friend Awn who has left the village chasing after a traveling troubadour. (Actually this was the 47th time that
Awn left the village chasing after travelers. And on top of that, she took off with the sacred vessel of the village.) He finally finds Awn only to witness that the sand tribe, a band of robbers who attack travelers crossing the desert, is attacking her. Awn is almost buried under the huge stone that the sand tribe threw from their catapult. But the moment that Awn is about to be squashed by the stone, sparkling light shines from her body. That moment Photon, the sand people, the bald eagle, the stone and everything except Awn stopped dead cold. Awn is able to escape by the powers of "aho" which can stop the time.
  Photon had somehow finally managed to find
Awn but at night, Awn writes "Stupid" on his forehead and runs off into the night again. And because of her interference, he falls to the bottom end of the desert. But there at the bottom of the valley, Photon finds a boat. Curious, he enters inside. Once inside he must fight the mechanical guards on his path to go forward. He goes in deeper and finds a beautiful girl Keene from outer space asleep.
  Photon finds himself being forced into taking part in battles to win reign of the galaxy, to monopolize magical powers of "aho". What destiny awaits Photon whose life at the moment is being flung this way and that by the girls Keene and Awn?

Main Staff
Original Story, Original Character Design : Masaki Kajishima Serialized in Monthly Dragon Magazine Monthly Dragon Junior (Fujimi Shobo Publications)
Director : Koji Masunari
Chief Screenwriter Script : Yousuke Kuroda
Character Design, Animation Director : Shinya Takahashi
Design Works : Koji Watanabe
Animation Production : AIC
Representing company : movic