his is the first OVA series from the popular novel by Takashi Shoji. Takashi Akaishizawa did the original illustration. Kazuto Nakazawa of the "El Hazard: The Wanderers" and <"Kachou Ouji: Hard Rock Save the Space"> was responsible for the character designs. The director is Akiyuki Shinbo who worked on "Metal Fighter Miku".
  By the 30th century, mankind had traveled to countless places in the galaxy. NESS left in the early period with pioneers to colonize the galaxy and went so far beyond the mother star that all contact was lost. After a few hundred years they believe that Earth is already in ruins. They decide to go back to the mother star earth to resurrect her,
merging with immigrants of other planets on their way home.
  On the other hand, United Government of TERRA, not receiving any contact from the immigrant ship, presumes it to have been destroyed, cuts off the search and concentrates on developing its own civilization. The two powers are to meet again, but for a long time, both had developed separate cultures with ifferent philosophies and different kinds of people all together. And thus the two camps of TERRA and NESS see each other as enemies and enter into a state of war. The only difference from wars in the past is that science had developed wars to the point of making it a game
where no one needed to die.
  The genius engineer of TERRA, Curtis Lawson has developed a technology to recall players from the "relative past" of a thousand years. This was the trump card. Madoka Midou, Momiji Kagariya, Ayano Elizabeth Hakuouinayano assigned on the newest war ships of the TA series are all girls from a thousand years back. But they need 4 warships to line the normal formation, and one more player was necessary. Then Lawson chooses a powerful video game player who is also a brilliant athlete and an original genius people called "a walking keg of gunpowder", Yohko Yamamoto. She is somewhat forcibly brought here, but looking at the spectacular scale of these space battleships, her eyes start to twinkle. Yohko Yamamoto is about to open fire for her debut.

Main Staff
Original Story : Takashi Shoji (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko)
Character Design : Kazuto Nakazawa
Mechanical Design : Kenichi Hamasaki, Masahiro Ando
Animation Production : J. C. Staff, T-UP
Director : Akiyuki Shinbo
© Takashi Shoji · Takashi Akaishizawa · Yamamoto Yohko Committee / Kadokawa
Representing company : Media Ring / King Record Co., Ltd